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    Sam Parker & Mac Anderson. ˚ the extra degree Raising the temperature of water by one extra degree means the difference between something that is. Editorial Reviews. Review. I've always been a firm believer in the expression - Attitude is a little From the Publisher. the extra degree, sam parker, book, softcover book. What is the importance of that extra degree—from ° to °? • Discuss the outcomes of the extra degree. • What is the difference between a desire to achieve.

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    212 The Extra Degree Pdf

    At NASCAR's Daytona from (10 years), the winner took the checkered flag by an average margin of seconds less than two-tenths of a. Ana Lopez, Career Program Specialist. David McElwain, Career Program Supervisor. Los Angeles County Office of Education. April 29, GROW . the Extra Degree book. Read 26 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. At º water is hot. At º, it boils. And with boiling wate.

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    Nov 06, Charlotte rated it did not like it. Finished in like 20 minutes between calls.

    Typical motivational book. Dull, redundant.

    Recommended by my boss. I read it, I'm counting it. Aug 18, Tony rated it it was ok. A total of pages - mostly pictures or phrases. The whole gist of the book is that at degrees, water is very hot, but at degrees that hot water turns into a boil. It's all about going that extra degree in everything you do in life. It really is a good idea, but not as good as selling the idea into a book in order to make a lot of money.

    Jan 01, Stephanie rated it really liked it. Aug 05, KB rated it did not like it. I like inspiring reads and self-improvement guides, but to me this book was mostly Oversimplified Superficial Fluff stories that made cheesy motivational posters seem like literature. I did like the "one extra degree can power a locomotive" idea that is all explained on the back cover, but reading the inside contents felt like an unfortunate Waste Of Time. Aug 08, In rated it liked it Shelves: It takes moments to read and does not contain any earth shattering concepts.

    Except the Sam Parker was clever in tying the boiling point of water to the simple message to us all about going the extra step to achieve, care about, take time, etc. Dec 17, Drew Clancy rated it it was amazing. Short but powerful book on the power and impact of one extra degree of effort: At degrees, water is hot. At , it boils. And with boiling water comes steam.

    I had picked up this book in an airport several years back but hadn't read it until now. Working on our theme for next year and the insights here fit perfectly with our focus for Sep 24, Angie rated it really liked it.

    Easy read. Great tips at the end of the book to help you do just a little more each day with your life. Great concept Great concept, would highly reccomend to others in a working, school or team environment. Very motivational about taking those extra steps.

    Dec 10, Bess Georges rated it it was amazing. Short, great examples. Dec 07, Danielle Stoll rated it it was amazing. This book was given to me by my former supervisor at the university I attended and worked during my undergrad years, and though it is short, it makes great points and offers simple advice to better oneself in all aspects of life including professional, academic, and personal relations.

    I often reference this for my professional development: Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer service is not a department Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. At degrees water is hot. At degrees it boils.

    Apr 03, Sandie rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked this quick read. I had never heard of it, but I enjoyed the little tidbits that were encompassed within its covers. You are responsible for your results. It's time to turn up the heat. Dec 28, Pam Herrmann rated it really liked it. Some good life lessons. Complain once less a day chokes off seeds of negativity. Remove 2 distractions a week.

    212 the Extra Degree

    Take one risk a week. Visit or talk to a friend each week. Invest 15 minutes in your children. The secret to success is to do what you can "and then some". Go the extra degree. Imagine the possibilities of doing "some more" each day. Mar 04, Pallavi Singh rated it it was amazing. Read it today - quick one well sequenced such a powerful concept!!

    Awesome pics - loved the stories section and just the way the thought process flows in each section- section segmentation rocks!

    Aug 17, AL rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This book was given to all employees at my place of employment.

    212 [degrees]: the extra degree

    This is a magnificent book to incorporate into your everyday life to make you a better person all the way around. Highly suggested - not a long book short and to the point!! Dec 16, Irene rated it liked it Shelves: Quick read, a bunch of great quotes and motivational stories, pretty pictures. I'd recommend this to someone that needs a little extra push to take that next step to whatever set goal they're trying to reach. Only 3 stars because, although motivating, the information wasn't mind-blowing or anything extraordinary.

    Jul 28, Vivian rated it really liked it. This was required reading for work. It talks about how a littl extra effort can go a long way - at degrees, water is hot.

    At degrees, it boils which turns into steam which can power a locomotive. A very quick read. Mar 19, The Book Junkie Reads. I found this book to be filled with simple statements that are meant to inspire one to take action.

    Going the Extra Degree With | Scholastic

    This three minute video does a wonderful summary of the philosophy. In words, it is this: At degrees, or even degrees, water is hot. But at , water turns to steam, and steam can power a locomotive. If you go that one extra degree, you can create change. That one degree can make a difference! How do I use this in a classroom? Writing Reflection: At the end of the week or on big projects, I have students reflect on whether they truly gave the task their best effort.

    Behavior: When the class is going a little crazy, I ask them what degree they think they are living at. This can reset their focus as they all begin to respect the philosophy.

    Role Models: Throughout the year we nominate people to put on the poster. These may be celebrities, book characters, or historical figures. When someone has a nomination, we must come up with several examples of what qualifies that person as degrees.

    We vote and decide whether the person is a worthy role model. This keeps students on the lookout for behavior all year long.

    By the end of the year the poster is littered with names of role models on sticky notes. Last year we actually voted to take Tiger Woods off of the wall.

    Great class discussions are often sparked by this key poster. Own It: We truly own the philosophy in Studio Much like the Notre Dame players who touch the "Play Like a Champion" poster before each and every game, we touch the poster each and every time we enter the room.

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